VooDoo Club
Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A (dawne Bema 65),
01-242 Warszawa

Wejście : 18:00
Start : 19:00

Bilety :
30 pln – przedsprzedaż
40 pln – w dniu koncertu dostępne na wejściu.

Zagrają :
Alkonost – folk metal band from Russia
Gilead – medieval folk-rock from Russia
FangorN- folk metal band from Russia

▶▶▶ A L K O N O S T- Russia

The Alkonost group plays folk-viking-fantasy metal music, and is an alloy of atmospheric electronics, heavy metal and medieval melodies with Slavic flavor. This unique sound makes the music vibrant and accessible to a wide audience.

Over the 24 years of its existence, the Alkonost group has given a huge number of concerts both in Russia and in Europe. It participated in such large festivals as RAFNAROK FEST (DE), NASHESTVIE (Invasion), CARPATHIAN ALLIANCE METAL FESTIVAL (UA), FOLK SUMMER FEST (RU), Moto-Maloyaroslavez (RU) and many others.��The group has 8 full-length albums in its arsenal and listeners all around the world.

The Alkonost show includes costumes, decoration elements and lots of smoke. However, the most amazing thing is the synchronous headbanging and powerful work with the audience. All this is very bright and dynamic.


▶▶▶ G I L E A D – Russia

Gilead – disco for those who are over 700.
Rave in the time of Plague.
‚Modern Medieval’ music.

Gilead is a folk band from Russia combining the sounds of Medieval instruments with modern electronic music.
Having a wealth of experience in mounthly tours, hundreds of solo shows in Russia, performances on different festivals, the band released two full-length albums and 2 singles.
Gilead shared the stage with In Extremo, Faun, Eluveitie.
The track ‚Vatt’ghern’ got into the compilation „Music Inspired By the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” by the world-famous company „CD Projekt Red”.


▶▶▶ F A N G O R N – Russia

Having started its activity in 2008, at the moment Fangorn holds one of the leading places in the folk metal scene in Russia. Band took part in the largest festivals in Russia, such as FolkSummerFest, as well as concerts in many European cities, and also participated in a full- scale tour in Spain. In the asset of Fangorn there are 2 LP’s, mixed in Finland by Anssi Kippo,

EP “Inferno” (2016) and several singles. Musical style of Fangorn is gradually developing, getting away from classic folk-fantasy metal into more extreme experimental form of metal, still with strong folk-ethnic influences. Latest Fangorn release is single “Voices From Beyond”(October 2019), now the band is working on a new concept album promising many unimaginable musical discoveries, that the group found in forgotten legends, abandoned villages and ancient forests and marshes of misty land of Ingria – homeland of Fangorn members.


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