Undertone Booking i Chmury zapraszają na garażową petardę prosto z Los Angeles. Zagrają:


Garaż? Punk? Psych? Nieważne – Feels to przedstawicielki i przedstawiciele najlepszej fali gitarowego hałasu z USA. Na koncie mają dwie doskonałe płyty – hitową, wyprodukowaną przez samego Ty Segall „S/T” z 2016 i godnie następującą „Post Earth” z 2018. Będzie przebojowo, głośno i dziko. O żywiołowości ich gigów piszą całkiem duże tytuły:

„…They’ve figured out a way to be melodic yet rough as well as musically talented but raw. Laena’s voice is downright beautiful and she performs with so much elegance. She has a Bowie-esque grace on stage which she is able to compliment with some pretty filthy guitar work. When her and guitarist Shannon Lay trade off vocals during songs expect goosebumps. The new addition to the lineup and contributor to their new, heavier sound is bassist Amy Allen. She is fast and drivey and is a perfect fit for how Feels should sound. When the crowd overcame the initial awe, violence ensued and a night full of substantial moshing commenced. Feels are dynamic, original, talented and easy to bang your head to. An A+ for sure.”
-Janky Smooth (The Constellation Room opening for King Tuff – http://goo.gl/705tij)

„A hallway away, the smaller Constellation Room offered glimpses of a dozen-plus upstarts. The most promising was Feels, a new Los Angeles quartet formerly known as Raw Geronimo. Led by the assured, often electrifying hum of two strumming guitarists — singer-guitarist Laena Geronimo (formerly of the Like) and rhythm guitarist and keyboardist Shannon Lay — Feels pushed forth heavy, hard punk with more swagger than many of the acts on the main stage.”
– The Los Angeles Times (Burger-a-go-go) http://goo.gl/xY8l99)

„Feels was aggressive in both sound and attitude. A trio of women with a male drummer, Feels played as if they were in an arena of 10,000 people instead of a sweaty tiny room filled to capacity. First off let’s take the “girl” out of girl power and call it like it is, just plain power. If a prefix is necessary to add to the power that Feels emanated on this night than “raw” might be more apt. Yes, I made an Iggy comparison.”
– Lo-Pie

Do posłuchania:

Bandcamp: https://feelsband.bandcamp.com

Close My Eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaL4ZCAUI8I

Car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jTAuobjd3U



Warszawska młodzież, która coraz lepiej radzi sobie na polskim niezależnym podwórku. Inspirują się Smashing Pumpkins, grungem, post-punkiem, emo i garażem. W dodatku podają to wszystko z niesamowitą energią i zaangażowaniem. Warto być i zobaczyć!

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Class B: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp377r5sYg0

Gdzie: Chmury, ul. 11 Listopada 22, Warszawa
Kiedy: 1.07.2019 19:00
Tax: 30/40 zł
bilety online: https://goout.net/pl/bilety/feels+lukier/ssoe/